November 6, 2022

Why You Should Have Your Own Email Marketing System

Email marketing

The digital age is upon and has ushered numerous tools brands can use to get the word out about their products and services. Email marketing is one of the digital marketing tools available to small business owners and a reasonably inexpensive way for these businesses to speak to their customers. An effective email marketing campaign can attract customers, build loyalty, and increase sales. In this blog post, we’ll expound on the benefit of an email marketing system, but first, let’s define it:


Email marketing is a marketing channel that enables a business to communicate directly with its target audience via email. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to communicate with their target audience to share information, drive website traffic, and maintain a strong relationship with customers.


In 2020, roughly 306 billion emails were exchanged worldwide daily- clear evidence that email marketing shouldn’t be ignored by businesses looking to improve customer relations and grow sales. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should have your own email marketing system.


Credibility and Brand Awareness


Email marketing can help a business create high-quality content consistently and thus build recognition and credibility in their chosen field. Most people prefer to purchase from brands they trust and recognize. This is because the more people interact and consume your content, the more interested they are likely to be in your product and service offering.


Build & maintain a loyal customer base


Email marketing is an excellent way to remind customers of your product/ service offering and let them know that you consider them as friends/ partners in your business. Even when customers aren’t actively looking to make a purchase, they can be enticed to buy from your business through email marketing.


Businesses can also utilize email marketing to educate their customers on other topics that might not necessarily be directly connected to the product they are selling but aim to educate them. For example, a company selling exercise equipment might send regular emails containing dietary advice and information about optimizing their workout routines.




Another benefit of email marketing to small businesses is that through this channel, small businesses can tailor their messaging to specific target audiences. By segmenting their customers into different categories based on their tastes and preferences, businesses can ensure that the right message reaches the right audience- people are more likely to open an email if it speaks to topics that interest them.


Email marketing also makes it possible for small businesses to stretch their creativity, especially since there aren’t any limits based on character or space. This makes it possible to structure long-form content that can establish your dominance or expertise in a particular field.


Reach a wider audience


Living and working in the digital age means businesses can reach audiences far and wide without necessarily having to set up multiple physical locations. With a great email marketing strategy, you can witness sales grow even in markets that you typically wouldn’t have considered your primary market.


For small businesses, marketing channels such as this have presented an inexpensive way to venture into new markets and grow their businesses without the hefty expenses that come with opening a store or partnering with a local business in a new market.


Easy market research


Before email marketing became widely used and acceptable, businesses needed help collecting customer data. They oftentimes had to carry out expensive market research studies to find out the most basic details about their customers. This was definitely not an option for small businesses that couldn’t afford to pay for such services. With email marketing, the tide has changed, and now even small businesses can gather invaluable information about their customers’ tastes and preferences to improve their service/ product offerings.


Increased sales and return on investment


One of the most significant benefits of email marketing for small businesses is the high return rate on investment. Studies indicate that the average ROI for an email campaign is a whopping 3600%, and for a few other industries, the figure is even higher.


This means that for the average business, spending just $1 will generate $36 in profits. A properly executed marketing campaign will boost sales both directly and indirectly for any small business that takes the time to muster the art.


Can be combined with other marketing channels


Another aspect that makes email marketing a great channel for small businesses is that it can be used in tandem with other marketing channels, such as social media. A small business can drive traffic to its email marketing channels using its social media sites to drum up more business. In addition, using updated SEO tactics helps direct organic attention to your website, and my extension helps generate email leads.


When paired with social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others, a small business can entice a fresh audience to visit its website and convince them to join its email marketing list and generate solid leads.

Results are easily measured


Email marketing results are 100% measurable, making it perfect for small businesses that often need more resources to try different strategies multiple times. Businesses can save money by quickly receiving feedback about their product or services through email responses from clients.


Email marketing software provides detailed reports with different relevant metrics that can be utilized by a business to make strategic decisions regarding its service/ product offer. For example, through these reports, a business owner can clearly view how many people unsubscribe to their content, which might indicate that better content needs to be crafted.


With this backdrop, it is clear to see how important email marketing is for a small business competing in the digital age and all the advantages it might enjoy with a solid email marketing strategy in place.