January 18, 2022

Best Logo Design Trends for 2021

Logos and designs are the most convenient ways to reach your audience. The audience is now more conscious about what they purchase. That is why making a good first impression is crucial. If you fail to do so, getting success will be a blank speech. Your brand logo design can help you in this pursuit. However, the trend examples are essential to follow to get the expected outcome. If you do not follow the proper logo trends example, the total designing effort will go in vain. This article will share the best logo designs that are expected to rule the designing sector in 2021.

There might be some variations in our predictions.

However, is not that what these are?

They rise suddenly and then fall more suddenly.

Nevertheless, we will try to share with you the possible annual trend in 2021.

We will first share the color trends example, and then we will continue with different logo design trends example.

Do not miss a word. Keep reading.

Logo color trends

Logo design trends do not only include designs or illustrations. Color is also an important part that plays a substantial effect on logo design trends.

During the early time of logos, color use was very deficient. That means black and white-colored logos were more common.

However, the concept has changed now. Not totally, though. Black and white logos are not so appreciated nowadays.

Color logos have taken their place, instead. So what are the trends example regarding logo color?

The top of logo trends example for color now is blue.

Color logos examples: ebay, amazon, visa, IBM, Google like a logo trend

Almost sixty percent of logos use the color ‘blue’. The next position is the ‘gray’ color with 28 percent use.

Black occupies the following post with its 25 percent usage in illustration works.

White is almost the same. It proves that ‘black and white’ is still in the market, although it is not a trend example.

Green and red have the corresponding next positions. While green logos are 24 percent in number, red is 16 percent.

Now comes the next question. Why and how does color matter to a brand’s logo?

Researches show that buyers make their purchase decision based on color almost 90 percent time.

Another important part is that color plays a vital role in the identity of a brand.

For example, Facebook is known for its blue color. When you think of Facebook, the color ‘blue’ pops up in your mind automatically.

It proves how color helps in brand recognition.

Furthermore, as we already mentioned, people now prefer color logos over blank and white ones. That is another reason for the increased importance of color logos.

You should keep these trend examples in mind while pursuing to create one of your own.

Logo design trends

In recent years, logo design trends have undergone some fast changes. As a result, trend examples have become ever-changing. They change every once in a while.

What is a design today is a traditional design tomorrow.

In the next paragraphs, we will share some of the best logo design trends example, in 2021.

1 – Simplification

Simple is perfect. Most businesses now work based on this motto.

As a result, we find the brand logos simple. The logo of Facebook and Intel could be the trend examples here.

Although these brands are not new in their corresponding fields, they are still convenient.

Simplification with national geographic's logo

Logos of both Facebook and Intel are just some trend examples of typography. We also see the use of blue, the most used logo color in 2021.

Simplification does not only include typographic trends example. It can be a simple illustration, too. For your brands, you can resemble your brand.

Besides, an illustration of the brand motto is also a standard practice of logo design trends. We do not see any possibility of this trait to slow down in 2021.

Hence, it can be one of the logo design trends you are searching for.

2 – Typography

If your company is a text-based one, it is the perfect design you should follow.

Another reason to embrace this trend is if the audience knows you by your name.

In that case, simple typography can do the work for you. In this trend example, font plays a vital role. You can use a regular, original font as an illustration of your logo.

In this case, you must ensure that the logo does not lighten your company’s value. Or, you can use a customized font.

However, you should make sure that you are using the proper customized font for your logo. We would suggest that you use inventive typography trends examples.

Typography logo style with uber logo

That means – do not use previous regular fonts. Instead, invent something new. Craft an utterly new font for your logo.

Use your imagination in the process. Why should you do it this hard way?

That is because the audience appreciates something inventive, something creative trends example. Why would you disappoint them?

However, this type of logo is not an example of a new trend.

It has been a trend example for quite some time now.

No matter if it is unique or an old one, you can use it in your logo designing at the beginning of this new decade. Here are some of the trends examples.

Top mastermind companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Netflix, and so many other companies use typography as their logo design.

If your company is known by its brand name like these mentioned companies, you can follow the same logo design trends example.

3 – Gradients

Gradients have become an essential part of designing- not only in logo design trends example but also in every type of designing work.

That is maybe because of the potential effect of gradients that we see on its audience.

So what is actually a gradient? We can describe it as a mixture of different colors. But it is not merely just a mixture.

Another way to describe it is shade. To be more specific, it is the shades of different colors that blend into one another.

These different shades blending, create a perfect logo model.

However, you should be careful about the printing of your gradient logo design trend examples.

Gradient logo as a logo design trend

While the different shades in the gradient may look good on your screen, it may not be the same in hard prints.

So when you design such a logo, you should be aware of that and create a logo, the printed form of which does not deviate from its original color.

A perfect trend example of this category is the current logo of Messenger. The recent changes in Messenger’s logo prove the efficiency of gradients.

Here are the three different logos that Messenger used. As you can see, the last two logos have gradient effects.

Furthermore, the creative new logo has more gradient effect than its previous one.

So if you are going to design trendy logos, creating a gradient logo may be one of the best choices.

4 – Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes were quite common in the early stages of logo designing.

However, with the evolution of logos, this type of logo was no more popular.

But in recent times, geometric shapes have become popular again. The designers now give the geometric shapes a vibrant look that expresses happiness and relaxation.

It is their contribution that geometric logos are still available.

Mostly the new companies have made it a trends example. Nevertheless, designing a geometrically shaped logo is not very easy.

You need to have accurate measurements. Proper knowledge of mathematics is essential for creating a geometric logo.

Geometric shapes with mitsubishi motors brand

A slight misinterpretation in measurement can ruin the whole design.

So when you pursue any professional, you should take help from the best.

As we already told, color invokes one’s emotions. Scientific researches prove that shape designs have a similar effect on the human mind.

Furthermore, shape-related designs open some areas of the human brain that colors fail to do.

So if you want to get into the head of your audience, following geometric logo design trends examples might be the solution.

The next question is, who should use these geometric logos? Well, some brand names or their functions are quite symbolic. These companies should use such logo design trend examples.

There is something more that you should know before designing such a trend example.

If you want to invoke stability, a triangle related design is the best choice for you. That is because the base of the triangle resembles stability.

To invoke a feeling of strength, you can use square related design as it invokes the same.

Similarly, curvy edges invoke ease. So, based on what your company offer, you can create a corresponding design.

The logo of Mitsubishi is quite a perfect trend example of this trait.

5 – Fine lines design

It is a combination of geometry, simplification, and minimalism designs. Similar to shapes, lines also are an easy design to express what you offer.

This design invokes your feeling and gives information about the brand it represents.

The fine lines logo designing of many brands has proven very influential. Besides, lines are the most fundamental part of designing.

Although they are fundamental, their use is highly versatile.

So if you have the basic knowledge, you can design an awesome fine lines trends example.

Besides, you can edit that fundamental fine lines and convert them into a more complicated logo. You can also create a textual design from it.

So if you want to change your company logo design often, the acceptable line logo designing trend is a perfect choice.

Fine lines design trend with IBM design

Straight-line designs represent order and structure. If you make the lines overlap each other, you can express the feeling of depth. Wavy line designs are perfect for conveying clarity.

It means that whatever your brand offers, you can design it out of bars. Creating a fine line logo may seem very easy.

However, it is not. It takes the same patience and quality of designing other types of logos.

However, as they are simpler than other types, a comparatively inexperienced designer can create them.

IBM is such a logo trends example and has proven fine lines design successfully for years.

7 – Hand-made logo tre

Some years ago, hand-made design trends examples came into being. Since then, they grew more assertive.

However, hand-made logos became quite popular in 2020. We believe that this trend example will follow in 2021, as well.

Even if we want to talk about the best trend that is going to rule in 2021, it is maybe this one. Although we have become modern, we still like humans more than robots.

The more modern we are, the more humanlike we grow.

That answers almost all the questions one could ask. In recent times, we see the proof through hand-made logos.

Hand-made logos are an easy way to reach your customers, too. How do hand-made trends examples advocate your brand?

Hand-made logo "mailChimp"

Well, the answer lies in the feeling of your customers. Customers have become highly cautious in this modern era. They now look for value.

If you provide them with something even slightly harmful or unhygienic, they will not bother to fall back from you. So your first expression should offer safety and hygiene.

As the first expression from your end, your brand logo should project those areas. Hand-made logos could be the solution here.

Now, let’s answer the question about how hand-made logos help.

Suppose there are two logos. One has a hand-made design, and the other has some other type.

So when an audience sees the hand-made logo, it makes them feel safe. Because even in this modern era, people trust humans more than machines.

Besides, hand-made logo design trends examples express authenticity. So if you want to make them feel the same, you must offer them something similar.

An advantage you get in creating hand-made logos is that you are free from using any digital template.

You need just give shape to your imagination. Here is the trends example.

8 – Overlapping text

You can think of this logo design trend as the total opposite of simplification. While simplification and typography indicate a single layer of text, this logo design trend denotes more than one layer.

However, overlapping texts are not an example of a new direction. It is some kind of evergreen logo. Here, you do not use any symbol of shape.

Instead, you use the brand name and do illustration work on that. Overlapping text logos direct the audience towards the main point of your business.

They expose your creative potential at the same time, as well. So you need not worry about if it will work.

Just like typography, you need to be cautious about the font you select. That is because the font you use will affect your brand awareness.

Overlapping text with squinch brand

A study shows that simplified fonts attract the audience more than complicated ones do. So you should not use any detailed logo design trends example.

Another thing you should consider is the color combination. While blue is the most popular, black can exert the same effect.

Gradient use can be an intelligent thought.

But as we already told in gradient logos, you should be careful about the printed outcome of your color combination.

Also, make sure that the overlapping text does not misrepresent your brand. If it does, your whole effort in following logo design trends examples will die in vain.

9 – Motion design logos

Static images are usually common as logos.

However, motion logo design trends examples are also being famous in recent times. That is because animations and videos are affecting our lives more than ever.

As technology advances, the use of motion logo design trends examples at illustrations in modern business sectors will be influential.

Hence in 2021, we expect this logo design trend to go up instead of slowing down.

If you are a company offering animation or video services, motion logo design trends examples are the best models for you.

It is also a perfect choice if you are offering something related to technology. https://www.youtube.com/embed/1tj7Y3PR16s?feature=oembed

The world has become highly competitive. Especially if you are trying to start a new business, there are so many obstacles.

If you do not come with something more engaging than others, you will lag in the race. A perfect way to do that is to animate your logo.

When the audience hears a sound with the movement of the logo, they remember it more than they do other logos.

As a result, brand awareness for your business increases. Indeed, that is what you have been looking for while designing the trends example.

Take help from professionals

Designing is another name for art. It is the primary driver of one’s likes and dislikes.

If the design is perfect and accurate, the audience will enjoy and embrace it.

However, if it is the opposite, the audience will throw it away and turn around. As a business owner, you surely want your brand to run smoothly.

And to ensure that, you need to keep up with the logo design trends example.

However, keeping up with logo design trends examples does not end in keeping regular updates.

In order to succeed in your business, you must use the best of the logo design trends examples.

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